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I self-publish my own book


In an event, discussing how to make Scala more friendly for beginners.

Why a Book?

A hole in how to combine Scala libraries (individually well-documented).


Writing a book on top of that work would prove to be incredibly exhausting.


The Table of Contents

Basic skeleton. 18 short chapters. This table of contents evolved significantly as the book was developed, but once I had it, the time came to fill it in.


Completion of First Draft

Editing and Reviews

Self review

In one month, 3 reviews. Exhausting. Review process: print out the whole book on paper, read through it and mark it up with a colored pen, and then perform the edits as a separate pass.

External review

Review feedback

Countless low-level fixes that went into the book during review (self and external): typos, English improvements, and so on. But perhaps the most interesting thing to discuss here is the high-level feedback I received, and the high-level changes I made.

At this point, you can see the structure is greatly improved. Where previously the chapter sizes varied wildly, now they are all very even at around 20 pages a piece. Now, related chapters are all grouped together in a much more sensible way.

Build Pipeline

Code Examples and Exercises

(the author gives a lot of detail about how code examples are generated)

Website and Online Resources


Digital and Physical Sales Channels